R&D Engineer

Job Description

  • Design products. This may include making calculations of product dimensions, drawing sketches of product ideas, and designing mockups of proposed products.
  • Develop ideas; manage; and lead projects until they become real products.
  • Take leadership of projects in development, managing all team members assigned to projects to keep them moving forward on schedule.
  • Design detailed project plans with engineering, manufacturing, and sales and marketing teams. Manage all aspects of product development and production.
  • Perform market research to determine what types of products might be popular among consumers.
  • Research product ideas to determine their viability, and understand how existing products on the market are performing.
  • Collaborate with engineers and developers to create product designs and with marketing teams to develop sales plans for future products.

Job Requirements

  • Candidates must possess at least a Engineering / Product Design degree or an equivalent
  • Strong computer proficiency is a must-have
  • Leadership skills to manage research and development teams
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Proficiency in Mathematics and possess analytical ability
  • Strong multi-tasking and organisational skills

Job Application